The Siled Lighting Management System

The Siled system is a solution enabling efficient, quick and easy management of lighting network in a public space. The system allows to manage installation, configure settings and monitor selected parameters of light sources and network operation.


 The system consists of:

• LC 21 controller (Lamp Controller) – Built in the luminaire or a pole
• GLC controller (Group Lamp Controller) – Controls the group of luminaires
• CMS application (Control Management System) – Management from the server or the application

The Siled system is a unique combination of modern technology with an easy to use online user interface allowing to control even a single luminaire at any time from anywhere in the world. Thanks to mutual communication and preview of the current state of the installation, it is possible to monitor faults and the level of energy consumption. By using special website, user can easily manage the entire lighting and decide on the scale and place of its use, set hours
of luminaires’ work and the power level. Access to information about the lighting status, luminaires working parameters and electricity consumption statistics facilitate maintenance of installations by reducing the costs of its operation to minimum.



 The Siled system scheme



 The functionality of the system allows to:

• adjust lighting to changing requirements
• monitor lighting condition
• optimize service processes
• improve road safety
• reduce energy consumption and costs

The Siled system is a solution that meets the Smart City idea. Wireless street lighting network and motion sensors provide proper lighting conditions. Thanks to the use of this system, the entire installation (or selected part) automatically responds to current needs, for example: changing weather conditions and the intensity of traffic or people. This solution minimizes energy consumption by reducing its level where it is possible at the moment.
Intelligent system ensures reduction of electricity costs and emissions of harmful substances to the environment.

Besides the measurement of light intensity or traffic, the Siled system also allows connecting devices to modules measuring the intensity of smog or noise. The Siled system can be also connected to electric car charging stations or Wi-Fi module, which is part of the concept of smart cities. Remote supervision and monitoring of the lighting system and the ability to reconfigure its elements allow to reduce the costs of service.



 The advantages of the system:

• easy installation
• possibility of quick and easy expansion
• integration with LED light sources
• intuitive user interface
• reliable communication, based on international standards
• optimization of installation and maintenance costs
• reducing the costs of energy consumption
• quick return on investment
• reliability



 The system provides:

• adjustment to the user’s needs and the specificity of the installation
• full compatibility with any type of source or power supply
• simple integration with external sensors
• alarm notificiations via e-mail
• access to current data on the operation of installation (analysis of energy consumption, error detection) and easy processing
• full range of reports: ready and individual templates
• secure data storage and back-up