About Us

We are a Polish manufacturer of LED luminaires and intelligent lighting management systems. We provide technologically advanced solutions that ensure safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection. We are a company that has been offering global solutions at a domestic price for over 10 years. Based on the extensive experience and knowledge of our engineers, we create and manufacture high quality LED luminaires and advanced systems by using components from reputable suppliers.

We invariably improve our products and services, develop our own technologies by using multi-million funds from EU programs. In our solutions, we focus on the highest quality, which is confirmed by research and certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ENEC. The certificate of reliability of our products is their trouble-free operation within numerous investments. Public and private spaces are illuminated by thousands of Siled luminaires that bring measurable savings to investors, municipalities, cities and companies.

Our advantages

Siled, producent oświetlenia LED

Our products are completely made in Poland, full control over production lines allows us to produce modern solutions with the highest quality.

Siled, producent oświetlenia LED

As a constructor and manufacturer, we are able to fully adapt our offer to the needs of the customer.

Siled, producent oświetlenia LED

We have our own research and development department which cooperates with the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk as well as constantly develops and improves our products .

Siled, producent oświetlenia LED

We meet the highest standards therefore we cooperate with the best.

Siled, producent oświetlenia LED
Dedicated to your needs

We meet European Union standards in the fields of luminaires and electromagnetic compatibility.