The city of Radom

The government SOWA program initiated modernization of the urban lighting network in 2015, which allowed the city to take advantage of attractive investment co-financing. One of its aims was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 40%.

Siled provided the city with nearly 4,000 lighting points and intelligent power reduction controllers. The works included municipal and housing roads, sidewalks and bicycle paths.

The effect of modernization was:

• Reduction of installed power by 58% from 700k W to 300k W

• Within a year of upgrading the city lighting system Radom reduced its energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 63%

• The city has reduced the costs associated with electricity by 57% from from 1.4M PLN to 600,000 PLN annually

Moreover, thanks to the use of the intelligent LED lighting system, the city of Radom and all our clients have gained additional benefits:

• Reduction of the number of acts of vandalism
• Improvement of the safety of residents
• Creation of the so-called the climate of the place
• Eye-friendly color of light
• Absence of harmful IR and UV radiation
• No harmful substances to the environment

Model of the luminaire: Voltera Location: Radom Installation date: 2015