Ikea Bydgoszcz

The IKEA company, known for its proecological policy and the use of the latest technology in the construction of its
facilities, in 2015 decided to use LED lighting in the modernized center in Bydgoszcz. IKEA chose Siled products. Over 600 lighting points with the lighting management system have been installed in the car park, commercial and industrial area.

The effect of modernization was:

• Reduction of installed power by 54% from 90k W to 40k W
• Energy consumption reduced by 76%
• Electricity costs reduced by 78% from 180,000 PLN to 40,000 PLN annually

Model of the luminaire: LampART L, Siled P, Linera xSWT Location: Bydgoszcz Installation date: 2015