In 2015 the municipality of Sobolew decided to purchase the lighting based on a modern, energy-saving and
environmentally friendly LED technology with intelligent lighting controllers, generating additional savings. Over 400 lighting points were replaced. New light spots were also installed in the modernized streets. LED luminaires have appeared on urban roads, housing estate roads, at the intersection and in the car park.

The effect of modernization was:

• Reduction of installed power by 60% from 62.5k W to 25.3k W
• Energy consumption reduced by 70%
• Electricity costs reduced by 67% from 125,000 PLN to almost 41,000 PLN annually

Model oprawyModel of the luminaireModell der LeuchteМодель светильника: Voltera LokalizacjaLocationLageместо: The municipality of Sobolew Data instalacjiInstallation dateInstallationsdatumДата установки: 2015