Maximum rated power: 135 W, 200 W
Application: Warehouses, industrial halls, garages
Mounting height: Up to 16 m
Lighting classes:

The Dimera luminaire features the effective system FluxAdjust™ that can be equipped with 16 or 24 Luxeon M diodes with individual optics that is adjusted to the realization.

The luminaire is cooled by a highly efficient heat removal system CooLit™ (patent protected).

The body is made of extruded cast aluminum.

The luminaire is dedicated to smooth regulation of lighting power depending on the intensity of daylight.

Dimera is equipped with reliable and energy-saving impulse power supply and high-quality electronic modules.



Number of diodes Maximum luminous flux Luminaire efficiency Color temperature Weight Dimensions
16 17550 lm 130 lm / W 4000 K 3,2 kg 420 mm x 330 mm x 90 mm
24 26000 lm 130 lm / W 4000 K 4,6 kg 420 mm x 495 mm x 90 mm