Gdańsk, Szadółki, Car Park at the  CH Fashion House Outlet in Gdańsk

The upgrade of the infrastructure consisting of 32 metal-halide light fittings with a total wattage of 33,41 kW, was performed by replacing them with an Intelligent LED Lighting System including 32 LampART XL luminaires together with a 10,46 kW control system. With the benefit of the state-of-the-art SILED technology: intelligent luminaires, ideal luminaire construction, efficient LEDs and SILED control systems – a high level of  FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE was achieved – the investment will have a payback within less than 2,4 years, and the savings generated as a result of less electrical energy being used will exceed 70%.

White light that falls ideally directly onto the illuminated surface with no glare effect, imparts prestige to the location fitted with the SILED lighting system and make the users feel safe and comfortable. The SILED Control System offers FUCTIONALITY that is unrivalled in the marketplace, enabling wireless monitoring and remote management –  it adjusts the functioning of the installation to the requirements of the Shopping Centre and optimises the usage of electricity.


Location: Gdańsk, Szadółki, Car Park at the  CH Fashion House Outlet in Gdańsk


Additional Info

  • Model: LampART XL
  • Segment: outdoor lighting
  • Location: woj. pomorskie
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